Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help the Bicycle Coalition Keep Philly's First Bike Corral!

 What's not to like (love) about the new bike corral on Sydenham Street that was installed last week for Park(ing) Day?

We think it's pretty fabulous and are thrilled to see bikes parked in it all day, every day, since we collaborated with the Mayor's Office of Transportation to get the loan from Dero Bike Racks and installation by the Streets Department last week.


We're not alone in loving this rack. The Mayor's Office of Transportation, which wants feedback on the racks from the public, received this email last week.

My husband and I happened to walk past the bike corral at Walnut & Sydenham tonight and our jaws dropped . . it was just one of those moments where you get warm fuzzies and think "I love my city!" We are Center City residents and bike commuters who use the 22nd Street/Pine/Spruce bike lanes daily/year-round, and we work on Walnut Street near Rittenhouse, so we know the feeling of not being able to find enough bike parking. We love seeing new & innovative ideas coming from the Mayor's Office of Transportation and this is one that shows you don't need to break the city budget to create something useful. The public art factor cannot be ignored either - instead of a generic multi-bike rack, we get to see something creative & unique. Walnut Street plays daily host to many tourists, day trippers, and city residents and it is high time for some visible signals that Philly is a progressive, modern city that can balance the needs of all of it's residents (pedestrians, bikers, public transit, deliveries and drivers)! --Kelly Gibb

We couldn't agree more with Kelly. We want to make this rack permanent (although we're not sure of the exact location--that needs to be worked out with the Parking Authority). But, we need to raise $4500 to purchase the rack. We have one donation of $500 to start us off contributed by attorney Stuart Leon. If you are interested in making a donation to purchase this corral, please contact Mary Duffy, our Development Director at or click here to make an online donation. You don't need a Paypal Account to donate, just enter your donation amount and scroll down to where it says you can continue without a Paypal Account.

Help us Buy the Bike Corral!

p.s. If you want to give your own feedback on this rack and whether more should in installed in the future in Philadelphia, to the Mayor's Office of Transportation, please send an email to