Thursday, September 01, 2011

endurance racing film screening at UPenn

We learned of an upcoming event right in the wheelhouse of all you anthropologically-minded, Cycle For Life endurance bike race documentary film buffs of Egyptian descent.*

*Or just whomever.

Friend of the Bicycle Coalition Kristin Gavin (of Gearing Up) races for Team Cystic Fibrosis, and her team is hosting a film screening and panel discussion on September 10th at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology. The evening is a two-hour event centered around the showing of "24-Solo," a documentary about endurance racing. 6-time world champion Chris Eatough will take part in a panel discussion after the film.

Plus, for $5 entrance, you also get to check out several UPenn museum galleries until 10 pm.

24-solo Event
Saturday, September 10, 2011
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Event schedule:
  • Introduction by Jim Wilson (5 min)
  • Inspirational talk by Kathi Novelli Clapham - CF survivor (15 min)
  • Airing of “24-solo” a cycling documentary about endurance racing featuring 6-time world champion, Chris Eatough (60 min)
  • Panel discussion with Chris Eatough and Selene Yeager [Team CF member and nationally known women's fitness expert] (20 min)
  • Closing comments by Jim Wilson (5 min)
  • Refreshments in the Lower Egyptian Gallery of the Penn Museum
The cost of admission is $5 and attendees will be entered in a raffle to win Specialized gear.  Guests will have access to explore the Lower Egyptian Gallery, Islamic Tile Gallery and the Armana exhibit until 10pm. Attendees should use the Trescher (Stoner Courtyard Entrance) to the building on South Street.

24-Solo Event Flyer