Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bicyclists get half-priced admission to the Morris Arboretum!

Morris Arboretum - photo credit Paul Meyer
It's September, and the leaves are starting to think about ggggoing all craaaaazy, changin' colors and throwing themselves from great heights. (Silly, melodramatic leaves.)

That means the Morris Arboretum is going to get stupid pretty, and you can get in for (less than) half price if you bike there!

Located at the end of the Wissahickon Trail, you can get in an excellent bike ride and then buy a ticket for just $7 (regular admission is $16). Same price goes for those who walk there or take SEPTA.

The Morris Arboretum
100 E. Northwestern Ave, Phila PA 19118
Open weekdays: 10am - 4pm Weekends: 10am - 5pm

Just another example of how good things come to those who ride bicycles.