Monday, June 06, 2011

Bike-In Movie On South Street This Wednesday!

After last week's politically-oriented posts, it's nice to get back to the joyous side of bicycling.  In that spirit, here's a reminder that we're hosting a free bike-in movie this Wednesday on South Street!  It's like a drive-in movie, but without the dead batteries or flashbacks to awkward high school dates.

The movie: Breaking Away (PG, 1979, 101 minutes; featuring a young Dennis Quaid and those timeless themes of love, small-town America, and Italian professional cycling).
The spot: top level of Whole Foods parking garage, 10th & South Street, Philly.
The time-o-clock: 8:30 pm short films; feature starts at 9:00 pm.
The packing list: blankets, mats, lawn chairs.
Rain date: Friday, June 10th.

Bicycle parking will be available on site, or you can bring your bike to the roof and snuggle with it under the stars.

The Little Babies Ice Cream tricycle will be on hand selling ice cream, and Whole Foods will be selling wood-fired pizzas.  The fancy flyer Whole Foods made for the evening was just too purdy not to post:

Bike-In Movie Flyer