Thursday, May 26, 2011

spam problems? contact City Council the old-fashioned e-mail way

We're learning that the direct e-mail service we offered in our previous post is getting blocked by spam monsters in the deep.  While we work on the high-tech solution, here is the totally 2003 work-around: cut and paste.

Below are the members of the City Council Streets and Services Committee:

Darrell Clarke
Bill Green
William K Greenlee
Curtis Jones Jr
Donna Miller
Frank DiCicco

As mentioned before, this legislation will make everyone less safe by delaying future bike lanes (for, come on: when has more bureaucracy ever sped things up?).  Let the Council know your opposition to this step backwards for Philadelphia's bike-friendly image.


TheBicycle-Chef said...

Stu Bykofsky must be behind this problem! He'll go to any length to have us never have a safe place to ride!

John Boyle said...

Cut and paste into your email recipients line -,,,,,