Thursday, May 26, 2011

City Council Proposes Adding Bike Lane Red Tape

City Councilman Greenlee today introduced legislation that would require City Council approval for installation of any bike lane in Philadelphia.  We're #1 in big city bicycle commuting.  Do we really want to be #1 in bike lane bureaucracy?

Statistics have shown that bike lanes make our streets safer for all users.  This legislation will make our streets less safe by delaying future bike lanes with an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.  The existing process for installing bike lanes already contains substantial public review.

Greenlee's legislation is co-sponsored by Darrell Clarke and Frank DiCicco.  Let the members of City Council's Streets Committee know you are opposed to this legislation.

Requiring City Council approval of all new bike lanes is bad policy because:
  • It will delay making our streets safer. Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists have all benefited from the 46% reduction in serious car crashes on Spruce and Pine streets since the new bike lanes were installed.
  • No City Council approval is needed for new vehicular travel lanes, crosswalks or bus stops.  Why single out a cheap, healthy way to commute?
  • The City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan has already gone through a public review process and been approved by the Planning Commission.  When taking out a travel lane, the Streets Department already consults with the local civic associations.
  • It doesn't allow the traffic engineers at the Streets Department to do their job.  Bike lanes installed as pilot projects will require review by City Council before the Streets Department can move the lanes to another street if that is what is recommended by their traffic engineers.
If you do not want the Streets Department slowed down by an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy as they make our streets safer for pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists, email Councilman Greenlee, Frank DiCicco, Darrell Clarke and other members of the Streets Committee now.

Council Bike Bill


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