Friday, April 08, 2011

Correction--New bike parking regulation and FREE permit application now available

Last week, we reported that Philadelphia's final parking regulations and permit application were available to install your own bike rack on a city sidewalk.  We learned after the blog post went up that the permit is free; no $25 fee is required.

Two ordinances were passed by City Council in 2009 and 2010 to amend the city's zoning code to create more bike parking.  The implementing regulation and permit application are now available.

Starting in 2010, new construction of housing, commercial properties, parking lots and low occupancy facilities are required to install bike parking. The regulation that spells out the design and spacing requirements for bike racks to be installed on private and public property was finalized late last year.  The regulation also defines what is required of  "art racks."  The second ordinance simplified the private installation of bike rack on city sidewalks.  A $25 (the fee is no longer required!) permit can be obtained by filling out this application and turning it in to the Right Of Way Unit of the Streets Department (9th floor of the Municipal Services Building.)


andrewlevitt said...

Viva the private bike rack! Let's hope more private citizens apply for permits and gets the Streets Department accustomed to issuing them. Secure outdoor parking, especially at home, as a critical part of utility cycling in dense urban places.

Paul said...

I would consider installing it just to stop people from driving up on the side walk in front my house.