Friday, April 01, 2011

Martin Luther King Dr Weekend Closures Officially Begin Tomorrow

2011 MLK Events Calendar

From the Fairmount Park Website:

The closing of M.L. King Drive to vehicular traffic on weekend days is a plan that began in 1995 and has enjoyed great success in attracting walkers, skaters, cyclists and picnickers to the King Drive to enjoy this 4-mile stretch of West Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River without the interference of automobiles.

Many road races and special events that would require other park areas to be closed have been relocated to the King Drive on weekend mornings to maximize the effect of the closing and minimize the impact to motorists.

In order to further facilitate park access, the lower end of the King Drive, from Eakins Oval to Sweetbriar Cut-Off, will re-open to vehicular traffic each weekend day at 12 noon. Also beginning at 12 noon, the Montgomery Drive entrance to the King Drive will allow non-through traffic at reduced speeds (7 MPH) to access the King Drive parking lots for picnicking and other recreational use.

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