Friday, February 18, 2011

Exploring the Stuble, Uwchlan and Chester Valley Trails

Chester County decision makers envision the Chester Valley Trail to cross over or under the Exton Bypass to bring it into Downington. That vision is a long way off. But now new information posted on Google Maps shows an interesting if circuitous route for those who don't mind switching between trails and roads.

The connection is possible via the emerging Uwchlan Trail - currently a somewhat disconnected patchwork of sidepaths that occasionally swing into the woods. Many of the street segments appear to be bikeable, although crossing Route 100 can be difficult. Uwchlan township plans to connect the segments and link up with the Chester Valley Trail via the developing Exton Park Trail network.

The 32 year old Struble Trail is the final leg of the route and is quite scenic. There are future plans to extend the trail along the Brandywine Creek to Honeybrook but the County's priority is completing the Schuylkill River and Chester Valley Trails so we may have to find a champion to really push for the extension.

Struble Trail


Libby Maxim said...

the route above is not good, ya never want to put anyone on Ship Road, I have exited the CVT at Valley Creek Blvd, take rt 30 east to Ironlake Blvd, go left then right onto Commerce, get on what is considered the CVT and take Commerce to Whitford, go left, then right on Clover Mill, will bring you to the intersection of Boot and Quarry, at this point make your way to Downingtow via either Boot or Quarry

Bike Coalition said...

Here is the new and improved route that totally avoids Ship Rd and takes you to the Downington SEPTA/Amtrak Station.

S Morehall Rd & Matthews Rd
East Whiteland, PA 19355
1. Head southeast on PA-29/S Morehall Rd toward Matthews Rd
479 ft
2. Turn right at Chester Valley Trail
3.9 mi
3. Turn right at Valley Creek Blvd
0.2 mi
4. Turn left at E Swedesford Rd
394 ft
5. Turn right at Church Farm Ln
0.6 mi
6. Turn left at Old Valley Hill Rd
1.1 mi
7. Turn right at Uwchaln Trail
0.4 mi
8. Turn right at Valley Hill Rd
0.1 mi
9. Turn left at Timber Lake Dr
0.1 mi
6.6 mi – about 39 mins

Timber Lake Dr
Exton, PA 19341
10. Head northwest on Timber Lake Dr toward Newcomen Rd
466 ft
11. Turn right at Newcomen Rd
167 ft
12. Turn left at Uwchaln Trail
0.1 mi
13. Turn right at Merioneth Dr
335 ft
14. Turn left at Carmarthen Dr
0.1 mi
15. Turn right toward Worthington Rd
0.5 mi
16. Slight right at Caernarvon Dr
0.2 mi
17. Turn left at Worthington Rd
0.1 mi
18. Turn right at Uwchlan Trail
125 ft
19. Turn right to stay on Uwchlan Trail
0.1 mi
20. Slight right to stay on Uwchlan Trail
0.2 mi
21. Turn left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
1.0 mi
22. Turn left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
30 ft
23. Turn right at Sheree Blvd
0.6 mi
24. Make a U-turn
335 ft
3.3 mi – about 21 mins

Sheree Blvd
Exton, PA 19341
25. Head northeast on Sheree Blvd
0.3 mi
26. Turn left at Tanner Dr
495 ft
27. Make a U-turn
456 ft
28. Turn right at Sheree Blvd
0.7 mi
29. Turn right at Eagleview Blvd
0.4 mi
1.5 mi – about 9 mins

Eagleview Blvd
Exton, PA
30. Head northwest on Eagleview Blvd toward Wharton Blvd
0.7 mi
31. Turn left at Pennsylvania Dr
82 ft
32. Turn left at Uwchlan Trail
0.3 mi
33. Turn left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
1.0 mi
34. Slight right to stay on Uwchlan Trail
0.1 mi
35. Turn left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
315 ft
36. Slight left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
0.6 mi
37. Turn left to stay on Uwchlan Trail
0.3 mi
38. Turn left at Dowlin Forge Ln
26 ft
39. Turn right at Uwchlan Trail
0.6 mi
40. Turn left at Struble Trail
1.8 mi
41. Continue onto Lions Trail
0.4 mi
42. Turn right at E Pennsylvania Ave
0.3 mi
43. Turn right
62 ft
44. Turn left
0.3 mi
45. Turn left at E Lancaster Ave
0.3 mi
46. Turn right toward Viaduct Ave
95 ft
47. Turn right toward Viaduct Ave
0.1 mi
48. Turn right toward Viaduct Ave
269 ft
49. Turn left at Viaduct Ave
387 ft