Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tell Congress To Preserve Bicycle Funding and Programs

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The new Congress is now in session and now is the time to pledge your support for bicycling. The Federal Transportation Legislation is being voted on in Late February and with recommendations for drastic cuts in funding.

People for Bikes is asking everyone to send a short email today to your U.S. Representative that affirms your interest in safe and convenient bicycling, and asks your member of Congress to support ongoing funding for bike projects and crucial programs such as Safe Routes to School. As of Friday more than 12,500 supporters of bicycling have sent messages but we need many more to speak up.


Paul said...

Great Web site, sending an email was really easy.

Peter said...

I have a great idea to increase the political power of advocates for bicycle facilities 10 fold - team with various groups such as AARP and otehrs who support retired and elderly people to advocate for alternative facilities that can be used by low-speed vehicles ( such as neighborhood electric vehicles, mobility devices, etc.) and bicycles. These groups are incredibly powerful and mobility issues is a growing concern. In Denmark, they share their bicycle facilities with mobility devices - see

In this country, I'd suggest a network of fully connected low-speed roads with a maximum speed of 18-20 mph, using speed humps, enforcement, and other means to discourage higher speed vehicles from using the network except to get to a destination on the network.

It's low cost, serves a huge need and will be of interest to politically powerful groups. I'd even be willing to help, and you probably know I am not a bicycle facility advocate.