Monday, September 27, 2010

Bike the Pike campaign needs Volunteers

Starting on Wednesday, September 29th motorists will see a new sign on West Chester Pike (Route 3) at the Northbound on-ramp to I-476. The sign "BICYCLISTS MAY USE FULL LANE" will be handheld by an enthusiastic coalition of bicycle commuters and representatives of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to promote awareness of cyclists riding along West Chester Pike. This campaign was covered by the Inquirer last week.

More and more people regularly bicycle along the Pike, which is the main and only bike-able artery from points west in Delaware County into and out of the City of Philadelphia. The I-476 ramps are a particularly dangerous spot for cyclists. On July 15, 2010, Russell Garrett, a Haverford College professor, was killed while riding to work when he was hit from behind at the entrance to the northbound ramp heading west. He was wearing a helmet. News reports of the incident characterized the driver as "distracted." (We don't have information about what was distracting the driver.)

On September 21st, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia sent a letter to Penn DOT, Marple Twp., and Delaware County Transportation Planning asking for improvements to the roadway in the vicinity to make cycling safer for cyclists.

The aim of Wednesday's Bike the Pike campaign is to encourage awareness, consideration and safer driving habits by motorists when encountering cyclists. Anyone interested in signing up for a shift (see below for times) should contact David Bennett Chair of the Delaware County Cycling Committee.

Wednesday, September 29th 7-9am,
Wednesday, September 29th 4-5:45pm
Thursday morning, Sept 30th 7-9 am
Thursday evening, Sept 30th 4-5:45 pm

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Anonymous said...

In addtion to standing around and waving signs, why doesn't the Coalition start a Ghost Bike campaign. Start putting up Ghost Bikes, just like people put up other roadside memorials. Invite the media and you'll get more effective results thant waving some signs for a few days during rush hour.