Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AAA Pushes to Cut Bike and Ped Funding. Speak Up Now!

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The American Automobile Association (AAA) wants Congress to cut long-standing programs that support trails, biking and walking in order to divert those funds to the highway system. (Read the background.)

These programs have played a major role in the development of more than 19,000 miles of rail-trail across the country, most likely including your favorite local trail. These trails and other walking and bicycling facilities allow individuals across the country to enjoy the outdoors and safely and easily travel without a car for many short trips—while saving money and gas, and getting exercise in the process.

AAA has forgotten that bicyclists and trail lovers drive, support AAA, pay gas taxes and want balanced transportation systems that provide the choice to get around in a variety of ways.

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Petition sponsored by the Rails to Trails Conservancy


Anonymous said...

I am from AAA National Member Relations. AAA’s positions on a federal transportation program and funding reforms are clear. AAA seeks support for a transportation system that:
•provides choices and multi-modal opportunities
•is affordable and accessible for all users
•facilitates personal travel needs
•preserves and maximizes the utility of the current system
•increases capacity to address growing congestion

AAA respects the work of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, but its current petition campaign -- a reaction to recent commentary published by AAA Mid-Atlantic in its AAA World magazine – mischaracterizes AAA Mid-Atlantic’s position. http://bit.ly/9VWDfc

AAA is and always has been in favor of a safe, efficient, multi-modal transportation system. For more information on AAA’s efforts in this regard, see www.AAAmakingamericastronger.com.

Kevin Mills said...

I am pleased that AAA says it favors a multi-modal transportation system. However, balanced transportation will suffer greatly if decision-makers heed AAA Mid-Atlantic's call to remove bicycling, walking and transit from the transportation trust fund supported by federal gas taxes. AAA may superficially point to the general fund as an alternative, but that suggestion is unrealistic and disingenuous.

Ultimately, there is one very simple, critical question:

AAA, do you support continuation of established trail, walking and bicycling programs as part of the Highway Trust Fund?

The Trust Fund has supported transit for 40 years and bicycling and walking for nearly 20 years. Does AAA want to turn back the clock or move forward with balanced transportation systems? AAA Mid-Atlantic effectively has said to turn back the clock, and the rest of AAA has danced around the trust fund question.

AAA says that it supports bicycling and multi-modal transportation, but that doesn't square with this policy position.

Kevin Mills
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy