Monday, September 20, 2010

Bike Facilities in Peer Cities and Beyond

Attending this year's Pro Walk Pro Bike conference in Chattanooga TN provided opportunities to hear about innovative bicycle treatments around the country. Having attended every conference since St. Paul MN in 2002 I was used to hearing about great stuff in Boulder, Madison, Davis etc.

In 2010 the story was the narrowing gap between the progressive bicycle communities and the rest of US including some of our close by neighbors:
  • Newark, NJ will be the home of New Jersey's first cycletrack it will be built on Mt. Prospect Ave between Branch Brook Park and Heller Parkway in 2011.
  • Baltimore is about to implement their their first bike box at Wyman Park Drive and Sisson St and construct a bicycle boulevard along Guilford Ave. As we have reported before Charm City has already installed in-street bike parking and parking meter bike racks.
  • And today Washington DC and Arlington, VA officially launched Capital BikeShare which supersedes SmartbikeDC with 1100 bikes and 114 stations. More than ten times higher than SmartbikeDC.

Chattanooga took advantage of the conference by getting Dero to install their Cycle Stall in a back in parking space downtown.

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A bike box at a suburban intersection in Roswell GA