Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Jimmy Streets is retiring?

The Sanitation side of the Philadelphia Streets Department recently got itself a fancy new website, paid for with grant funds. However, the Transportation division of the Department was left with circa 1990s web pages and "Jimmy Streets." Not sure what is taking the City's Division of Technology so long to update these old sites that bedevil some of the city's departments, but it makes one wonder.

The good news is that the transition prompted the Mayor's Office of Transportation to redouble its efforts to update the grossly out of date content on the "Bicycle Network" pages. We've been told that new content (and maybe a new look for the pages?) will be up by next week. Don't know for sure if this means that Jimmy Streets is retiring, but we hope he continues to bike if he does.


Unknown said...

HI! I am the original creator of Jimmy Streets and was really happy to see your little blog on it! I think (somewhere) I have the original website AND the drawings of Jimmy in multiple outfits, etc.

My name is Robert Blanda ( - not this google account) and I built the first streets dept website for philly many moons ago.