Monday, May 03, 2010

Comment on Philadelphia's Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission has released for public comment its draft Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan.  This plan was developed by a steering committee of city agency staff and non-profit organizations, including the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Toole Design Group.  

Two Open Houses were held in late April.  The public is invited to read over the Vision and Goal Statement, a summary of new policy recommendations (or read the full set of recommendations), and review the proposed bikeway network in the study area (So. Phila, CC, parts of North Philadelphia, and NW Phila).  You can also see a zoomed in map of the proposed network in Center City

(Bikeway networks for other parts of the City -- West Phila, SW Phila and North Philadelphia -- will be developed during a second phase of the Plan in 2010 and 2011.)

Here is your opportunity to tell the City what you think about this plan.  When finalized, it will become the blueprint for how Philadelphia modifies its streets and sidewalks, and updates its code, laws and policies on bicycling and walking over the next decade. 

Comments are due on May 11th. You can email your comments to Debby Schaaf, or use this form

This plan is being funded by a Transportation Enhancement grant through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.


duran said...

Can you post high resolution versions of those screen shots, they're too blurry to read.


Dan said...

I'm disappointed that Girard Ave east of Broad Street is not included on the proposed bikeway plans. I realize that the trolley line causes problems with installing bike lanes but it is a very wide street and should be included in the proposed bikeway network.

caduceus said...

Could you define some of the terms for the bicycle routes, like contraflow, cycletrack, and climbing lane?

I will write something, but I would like to see more bicycle lanes in Fairmount park - there are quite a few places where they could easily be accomodated - Chamonix, Belmont Mansion, etc. But I love the request for enforcement of the laws, crash reporting, etc.

Sarah C. Stuart said...

the terms for different bicycle facilities are defined in this document

Sarah C. Stuart said...

To see better resolutions of the maps, go to our page devoted to the Bike Plan