Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help Create A Vision For South St

City planning students from the University of Pennsylvania are working with the Center City Residents Assn. and South of South Neighborhood Assn. to create a vision of how the neighborhood to the East and South of the South St Bridge might develop.

The students are evaluating the area to help identify various issues including proposed developments, travel patterns, vacancy, neighborhood history, opportunities for improvement, and other neighborhood concerns.

To help with their work, the students are looking for input from neighborhood residents and businesses, and invite everyone to a presentation so they can share their work, get your feedback, and listen to your ideas to make the community better for all.

Where: Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church (Grays Ferry & Fitzwater)
Date: Monday, March 22
Time: 7pm

More info from SOSNA


Andrew said...

Really??? Two years after the last UPenn School of Design project that explored those exact issues on that exact corridor. Here it is:

Andrew said...

Download the report here: