Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Will $6 Million Buy For Camden

Yesterday Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the recipients of TIGER grants and for perhaps the first time in the transportation world ever freight rail, transit and bicycle pedestrian projects far outpaced awards for highway projects which received only about 10% of the available funds.

Camden and Philadelphia were recipients of a 23 million dollar package of trail and bike lane projects known as GREAT PA/NJ of that more than 6 million will go to 3 projects in Camden. They are:
  • Crosswalks and Bike Lanes on Pearl St from the Bridge walkway stairs to the waterfront promenade
  • Bike Lanes for Martin Luther King Boulevard from Cooper Hospital to the Adventure Aquarium
  • A Bicycle Boulevard on Pine Street from Cooper River Park to the Campbells Soup complex.
  • Note that we have learned that the Bridge walkway ramp is NOT part of the project. However we will be encouraging the DRPA to add the ramp in the project if there is sufficient funding available.

View GREAT PA/NJ Projects in a larger map


Peter said...

Finally, the ramp onto the BF walkway. Yeah! I've been wanting this for years for personal shopping reasons, but it is also important for the TransAmerica route that uses the BF bridge.