Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mercer County's Interactive Bike Map

Last week the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission launched the Mercer County Regional Bike Map overlayed on a Google Map. This map is intended to be a resource for Mercer County residents and bicyclists to help them plan bicycle-friendly routes to ride, and also to help planners identify priority bicycle corridors and facilities to be considered in the future.

For the next month or so DVRPC and Mercer County would like your input on priority bicycle routes, and your opinions on the routes submitted by others, as well as any knowledge you have about the bikeability ratings shown here: are they too high, too low, or do they not reflect a specific local issue that you know about? Comments will help improve the bikeability scores shown on the site. Proposed routes and comments will be accepted until Friday, March 12th.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! We need more resources like this!