Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When does the Ban Bicycles In Philadelphia Bill Get Introduced?

Just when you thought you left the Bizarro World out comes some more registration legislation, this time in Harrisburg.

Cruz legislation would strengthen traffic laws for cyclists

HARRISBURG, Nov. 18 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., today introduced legislation (H.B. 2096) that would strengthen traffic laws for bicyclists in Philadelphia.

The bill would require all bicycles to be registered in the city and contain the same safety features that are required on motorcycles, such as lights and turn signals.

Cyclists would also be subject to traffic regulations currently imposed on motorcycles drivers, and would face penalties for not obeying those laws.

"The number of people using bicycles as a primary mode of transportation is on the rise," Cruz said. "For the safety of cyclists and all motorists in Philadelphia, bicycles must be subject to safety and traffic regulations. My legislation would accomplish that."

Cruz said he introduced H.B. 2096 after hearing reports of several accidents involving bicycles in the city, including two pedestrian deaths in recent weeks. The victims in those accidents were struck by bicycles.


Robin said...

As an LCI, it was my impression that cyclists were already required to follow current traffic regs? This is a pretty bizarre attack which continues to point out how little the general population really knows about safe/ legal cycling

jen ford said...

So now we need to take our concerns about this bill to the State legislature. The registration fee is clearly a regressive tax. How much does it cost to register a car in this state?

Libby Maxim said...

$36 per yr per car

BlueMingo said...

Do they not read the current laws ? Hand signals for turning - not that any drivers know what they mean, or pay any attention to them. And bikes must have a 'mechanism for stopping' - 'brakes' are not specified.
Where do they think we're going to put these license plates and headlights and taillights and turn signals ?

Anonymous said...

Pennsyltucky! Seriously, where am I living?

Brenda Bell said...

While I hate carrying the extra weight, I'm caught out late often enough that I do have a tail light and a very powerful headlight (many roads in my area are unlit or poorly lit). Regarding turn signals: while hand signals are readable during daylight (if people bothered to pay attention), they are not as visible at night.

The answer, though, is not to further electrify the bicycle, but to render the cyclist's gestures visible at night. My own option was to create a night-cycling jacket with reflective tapes placed where one could see the actions of my signaling arm (I could not find one of these ready-made); others (see have small clip-on lights and reflective bands that can be worn on your wrists or arms when riding at night.

Still, this will all come to naught if motorists refuse to see us on the road or respect our rights to be there.