Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rittenhouse Square Drivers Practicing the Stop As Yield Concept

Trophy Bikes Co-Owner Michael McGettigan takes some time to observe motorists (and a few bicyclists) rolling through the stop sign at Rittenhouse Square. A great example as to why any enforcement campaign needs to be "equitable and consistent".

It also shows the power of video cameras. There are several helmet mounted cameras and many digital cameras can be mounted to handlebars.


BlueMingo said...

I really liked the police car that didn't appear to slow at all. Too bad you didn't get any license plates.

Dr. Phila said...

Oh Mike, You should be Mayor!

mcget said...

It's a nix on the Mayor thing--you have to wear a tie!

BTW -- checked that intersection yesterday--aka July 19, 2011--still a free-rolling kind of zone, so any Philly Police crackdown on drivers has missed this corner, big time.

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