Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Legislation and Enforcement FAQ

Questions about Bike Registration Legislation and Police Department Enforcement and answers from the Bicycle Coalition

Does My Bicycle Need A Philadelphia Bicycle License?

  • No, currently, Philadelphia does not require that bikes be registered. The legislation was introduced into City Council for the first time on November 19th.
Can I register my bike voluntarily?

What Is The Status of the Bicycle Registration and Fine Increase Bills?
  • The Bills have been referred to committee, you can monitor the status of the bills here. Just put the bill numbers into the search box.
What are the Bill Numbers?
  • 090828 (Fines & confiscation), 090829 (Fines) and 090845 (Registration)
Is the enforcement campaign connected to the new proposed legislation?
  • No. The enforcement campaign goal was to enforce the regulations pertaining to bicycles on the books.
  • The Police contacted the Bicycle Coalition more than a week before the legislation was introduced.
  • Enforcement will likely continue over the next few weeks.
Is the Bicycle Coalition a partner with the enforcement Campaign?
  • No - The Bicycle Coalition is dispatching Bicycle Ambassadors to educate bicyclists during the campaign. The Bicycle Coalition is working with the Police to ensure that the enforcement campaign is equitable among all road users.

Where Can I Find An Archive of Newspaper and Media Article
  • The Bicycle Coalition maintains an archive of News Articles here.

I heard that there will be another public meeting of the Spruce and Pine Bike Lane Pilot Program. Where and When will that take place?
  • Thursday, December 10th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Levitt Auditorium, University of the Arts, 401 S. Broad Street
What are the Bicycle Laws for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania?
  • The Regulations for bicycles in Philadelphia are a bit more strict than the laws of the State. Make sure you know the Pennsylvania laws and Philadelphia regulations. Remember, a bicycle is a legal vehicle and has all the rights and duties associated with this privilege. Click here for amended sections in the Philadelphia Bicycle Regulations and Penalties Chapter 12-800.
What is the position of the Bicycle Coalition on City Council Bills and Enforcement?
  • The Bicycle Coalition does not support the bills introduced by Councilman DiCicco and Kenney. Click here for our press release.
  • The Bicycle Coalition does support equitable and consistent enforcement for all road users that is coupled with education about the rules of the road.


larry said...

We, the bicycle coalition, support the status quo because we know the city does not have the resources for enforcement. We will continue to demand equal access to roads while ignoring every law and rule. We shall put all risk of our activity on everyone else and if we hurt you; oh well. We are the best citizens because we are so green and only pollute with our smug.

John Boyle said...

Typical anti-bike rhetoric.

"The Bicycle Coalition does support equitable and consistent enforcement for all road users that is coupled with education about the rules of the road."

Larry clearly didn't read the post and used the space we gave him to comment that all bicyclists are scofflaws. We've never heard that one before.;-)

Adam said...

We, the drivers of philadelphia will continue to slide through lights, bank wildly into the bike lane when we make right turns, exceed the legal speed limit, honk at anything doing less than 45 mph; whilst we drive five blocks to squeeze our girth out of the car to buy a cheese steak.

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