Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Urban Assault Child Carrier

Looking at all the fancy folding strollers while walking down Walnut St I noticed how much they have in common with folding bikes. As a father of two small children I have been trying to find an easy way to schlep them around on a bike for 5 years now. Making 1 mile trips in a car seems ridiculous to me, fortunately one of the baby shower gifts for my son was a bike trailer which has proven to be useful if bulky and a bit time consuming to set up and break down. Parking this thing at the train station is a challenge and I usually take up the whole ribbon rack.

My ideal vehicle would allow me to bike to the train station, bring it on the train then stroll to the car share vehicle in which the child carrier component doubles as a car seat.

Enter the Stroller Tricycle?

At least two stroller bike/trike combos have entered the market the Zigo Leader X2 which is available in North America for $1400 and the Taga Stroller Bike which is only available in Europe although SJS Cycles ships them worldwide for about $2400 plus shipping.

Taga Tricycle - A Single Foldable Unit

Zigo - A Bike Stroller Combo that breaks into two separate units

Zigo from My Zigo on Vimeo.

While the these products don't quite resolve the problem as I see it as a step in the right direction that could lead to the ultimate urban assault child carrier. The $1500-$2500 price tag means that I'll be sticking to my bike trailer, but it's far cheaper than a boutique stroller and a hybrid car.


Anonymous said...

I thought the Gear Daddy video was pretty good. But I still kept waiting for Xzibit from "Pimp my Ride" to show up.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch have been using bikes to cart the whole family - check out work cycles -

Anonymous said...

very cool thanks for posting the info. I went to the Zigo site found thier customer of the month is from Philly