Friday, October 09, 2009

Philadelphia to Spend Energy Block Grant $ on Bike Parking

As reported in today's Inquirer, the Nutter Administration announced yesterday that it has received a $14.1 Million "Energy Efficiency Block Grant" from the U.S. Department of Energy. Approximately $375,000 of that will be used to retrofit 1600 meter poles left standing by the Philadelphia Parking Authority as it converted street parking from meters to kiosks this summer. It will also be used to purchase about 1000 more inverted-U racks.

Creative re-purposing of old parking meter poles Example of a bike rack converted from meter pole in Baltimore

This past August, the Bicycle Coalition and the Center City District advised the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities on the location of 1600 meter poles that should be retrofitted based on where bike parking was heaviest. We're hopeful that the Mayor's Office of Transportation and PPA can deploy the funding as quickly as possible so that bike parking can be quickly restored where it is needed the most (and the City's street trees can be spared from bikes being locked to them!)