Friday, October 30, 2009

Beware - Parking Authority Is Removing Meter Caps

UPDATE Friday Night-PPA sends out an apology for removing posts, will adhere to their policy not to remove mounting devices with bikes attached on them. They will reinstall the mounting device secure the bike at any pole which had a bicycle locked to it.

Just in time for a potential transit strike - less bike parking.

The Parking Authority removed the caps off of meter poles today on the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Walnut St this morning and left bicycles parked to the poles exposed. We contacted the Mayors Office Of Transportation and Utilities to urge them to notify the PPA to stop this practice.

So if you are in Center City DO NOT lock your bike to a capped meter pole. Hopefully this removal of the caps is in anticipation of the installation of new post and ring caps for bicycle parking. We'll let you know once we have more details from the City and the PPA.

An exposed bike on the 1600 Block of Walnut St 12:00 PM on Friday
Click on the photo for an enlarged image.


Anonymous said...

In August the PPA did the same thing and BCGP also called the mayors office to get them to stop (

At what point does anyone actually talk to the PPA about this. I fail to understand why the meter heads have to be removed. Since the poles are still left in place.

John Boyle said...

The parking authority agreed to stop removing the meter posts in August but apparently there was a communications breakdown somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this communication breakdown could be remedied if they fired a few of the morons responsible.

Milio said...

It was illegal to chain a bike to a parking meter anyway.

Anonymous said...

With SEPTA about to go on strike it means more people will be riding bicycles. Sounds like the perfect time for the PPA to do this.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT illegal to lock a bicycle to a parking meter, as long as the bicycle is not obstructing the sidewalk. Parking on any city sign or post is legal.

Taggart said...

This is mildly infuriating. How quickly are those new bike lock stands being installed?