Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transportation Enhancements Saved (Again)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contacted their Senators. All local Senators voted against the amendments that would have gutted the Transportation Enhancements program and DE Senator Carper spoke against the amendment before the vote on 2372.

Votes were roughly segregated by party lines, although DC Streetsblog noted a few surprise votes. It should be noted that when Transportation Enhancements were last threatened in the Republican majority House of Representatives in September 2003 a bill to restore Transportation Enhancements won handily (327 to 90).

Vote Summary:

Coburn Amdt. No. 2371
S.Amdt. 2371 to H.R. 3288

To remove an unnecessary and burdensome mandate on the States, by allowing them to opt out of a provision that requires States to spend 10 percent of their surface transportation budgets on enhancement projects such as road-kill reduction and highway beautification.

Roll Call - Yes 39, No 59

Coburn Amdt. No. 2372
S.Amdt. 2372 to H.R. 3288

To fully provide for the critical surface transportation needs of the United States by prohibiting funds from being used on lower-priority projects, such as transportation museums.

Roll Call - Yes 41, No 57