Thursday, September 04, 2003

We Won!

By a vote of 327 to 90, the House passed a bipartisan amendment to restore
funding for the transportation enhancements program for fiscal year 2004.

The amendment, sponsored by Congressmen Tom Petri (R-WI) and John Olver
(D-MA), enjoyed strong bipartisan support thanks to the diligent efforts
of bicyclists across the nation. A special thanks to everyone who made
phone calls, sent letters and emails, and held meetings with their Members
of Congress.

I am happy to say that just about all of our reps voted in favor of the amendment, including one that voted against a similar amendment in the appropriations committee (LoBiondo R-NJ). The one exception was ultra-conservative Lehigh Valley Rep. Pat Toomey who has called Sen. Arlen Specter a liberal.

Send a thank you note to your rep. if they voted yes

NJ - Andrews, Holt, LoBiondo, Smith, Saxton
PA - Brady, Fattah, Hoeffel, Greenwood, Gerlach, Weldon, Pitts
DE - Castle

PA - Toomey