Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunny In Philly Assaults Cyclist

I was very disappointed to see that one of my favorite TV shows "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia" made a mockery of assaulting a bicyclist with a beer bottle at 16th and Moyamensing.

Not sure why the quality is so bad here, but if you want a better view try this link.

I get it, the whole basis of the show is that they are total a-holes without any redeeming qualities, but for sure there are a few FX viewers out there saying - "Yeah nail him!" and that to me is disturbing.


Andrew J. Besold said...

Funny. I found riding in Philly to be much safer this past weekend then out near West Chester in Chester County.

After a wonderful bike trip from Philly to Gettysburg and back, my friend and I were nearly run off the road by two homicidal drivers in the span of 20 minutes near the town of West Chester. As many know, the roads out there are hilly, curvy and narrow, so around blind turns we would take the lane and wave off overtaking drivers until it was safe for them to pass. Most had no problem with this but in two situations driver violently forced there way around us, into the opposite lane that had on-coming traffic.

In the first situation the driver came so close as to graze my thumb as I frantically tried to wave him off from passing due to oncoming traffic. In the second incident a driver floored it past me, half in the other lane only to find an oncoming car coming over the blind rise in the road. I was sure he was either going to crash head-on into the oncoming car or swerve and take out my good friend only 80 feet in front of me.

Remember, this all happened within the last 30 minutes (or 6 miles) of the end of our trip in trip into West Chester. Besides these two most egregious incidents we were passed carelessly at least a half dozen other times and with obvious anger to our presence on the road in this last half an hour.

It was like we went from cycling heaven, with absolutely no problems with drivers, to cycling hell in a span of 1 mile. CRAZY!!

However in Philly, I've rarely had to deal with such extreme driver recklessness and nothing like the video has ever even come close to happening in the city, not that it hasn't happened to me elsewhere.

Still the video is despicable. When will the "lynching" of cyclists stop being considered funny and classified as the hate crime it really is.

paul t mckay said...

car drivers pay a whole heap of dough to sit and traffic and get fat

Anonymous said...

What has the BCP done about the video with the SEPTA bus in the bike lane, which is a real problem. Instead of getting worked up about a fictional TV show.

Joe said...

Well to be fair Mac's intention was only to "fire a beer across his brow -- ruffle his feathers", and not actually hit him.