Monday, September 28, 2009

Northwest Philadelphia SRT Bicycle Counts & Survey

The Schuylkill Project, with support and advice from the Bicycle Coalition, conducted a bicycle count and survey last week along the Schuylkill River Trail in three locations (Shawmont, Wissahickon Transportation Center, East Falls Bridge). Bicyclists were counted at each of the three locations, and asked at the Shawmont and East Falls spots to indicate to counters if they were commuting or recreating. The Bicycle Coalition will incorporate these counts into its fall count project and report that we intend to issue at the end of the year.
This photo shows volunteer Sandra Radich working the sidewalk. (Russell Meddin takes credit for coming up with the clever burma shave messages asking cyclists to indicate if they were commuting or recreating.)

Some bicyclists also stopped to take a survey that the Schuylkill Project (with help from Chris Kingsley) developed to gage use and user preferences about the SRT. If you use the SRT, please take the survey yourself if you haven't already!