Monday, September 14, 2009

Spruce Pine Bike Lanes Coming!

These signs went up on last Thursday along Spruce and Pine Streets in Center City. The Streets Department will be "marking" out the lanes this week and stripping will follow the week after. We've been told by the Mayor's Office of Transportation that the lanes should be ready for use by Saturday, September 26th.

The Society Hill Civic Association will be holding it's general membership meeting to discuss the bike lanes on September 16th 7:30PM at Pennsylvania Hospital's Zubrow Auditorium. Deputy Commissioner Steve Buckley will speak and take questions about the bike lanes. Support among Society Hill residents is critical, the last paragraph from an article in SHCA's summer newsletter reflects the Association's skepticism:

We understand and appreciate the benefits of safe and designated bike paths in our community, but we are also concerned about the viability of the plans as proposed. The PCPC has promised to meet again with SHCA’s Bike Path Committee to provide detailed responses to the above issues. Thus far, we have contacted neighboring civic associations asking for their input and support. The city has also promised us that prior to any “trial” implementation, there will be a public forum for residents to explain and discuss the proposal. (The public forum was subsequently held on August 12th).

We urge everyone who lives within SCHA's boundaries (Front to 8th and Walnut to Lombard) to attend Wednesday's meeting. You can also send a quick email message to the SHCV President expressing your support.

Do it for this guy, because bike lanes benefit more people than just cyclists:

Motorized Wheelchair on Spruce St


Corey said...

Spruce is one of my favorite streets in center city. This will be great.

If lanes are an issue in society hill, they should also consider sharrows; google it.