Saturday, September 26, 2009

S-P Bike Lanes May Be Blocked For Yom Kippur Services

Yom Kippur falls on September 27th-28th. As part of the agreement with neighborhood associations and religious institutions parking is allowed in the bike lanes on Spruce and Pine St during religious services. Synagogues are located on the 400 and 1800 blocks of Spruce St. and the 500 block of Pine St.


Anonymous said...

The reality of Spruce near 18th: "during religious services" means all day Saturday (for BZBI) and all day Sunday (for 10th Presby) every weekend, from 16th street to 20th street, whether it is Yom Kippur or not.

Weekend cyclists are hosed for 4 blocks, permanently.

Who attends services for 8 hours straight? Nobody - yet most cars are there from the early morning to late afternoon. I think the religious exemption from parking laws is being severely abused.

Anonymous said...

We are all just have to leanr to get along. Give a little, get a little.

Anonymous said...

do we? cause I'm not receiving any special permissions to park in a bike lane for *my* beliefs. sounds a little discriminatory, if you ask me.