Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mullica Hill Math Teacher Killed by SUV Driver in Vineland

From the Press of Atlantic City

VINELAND - Authorities have identified a teacher from Vineland as the bicyclist who died Wednesday when a sport utility vehicle ran him down on Mays Landing Road.

Vineland resident Rick Clendaniel, 42, taught math at Clearview Regional High School in Mullica Hill, Gloucester County.

Clendaniel was riding his bicycle on Mays Landing Road near Panther Road when an SUV driven by Jerome Byrd, 49, of Vineland, came up behind him and struck the bicycle, Vineland police Sgt. Vince Solazzo said Thursday. Byrd's vehicle then swerved off the road, hit a utility pole, split it in half, went airborne and hit some trees before coming to rest, police said...

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Streetview indicates that Mays Landing road has a very wide shoulder in this area, perhaps 8 feet. We certainly don't know the details but the violence of the crash and being hit from behind sounds like it could be a speeding, out of control vehicle.

We hope that the Vineland Police conduct a proper and thorough investigation. This is another example where a vulnerable user or safe passing law could be applied.


Anonymous said...

I can only hope they charge the driver with vehicular manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

Rick was my Brother. According to police, he died instantly and did not suffer. My remaining brothers have applied through the state to adopt that portion of road so that we can keep it clean. As for the accident, we still have no answers, accept for the fact that the driver had to be going at least 70 mph to hit my brother, split a pole in half, roll over 3 times, and almost knock down a tree. The tree was a good 300/400 feet away from where Rick was hit.