Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ivy Ridge Trail Cleanup On Tuesday

From the Friends of the Ivy Ridge Trail in Manayunk

Join us this Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm for a quick cleanup of Ivy Ridge Trail. Meet at Parker & Umbria Streets (Ivy Ridge Station) - we will clear brush, pickup trash, and mow a section of the trail we cleared earlier this spring.

Afterwards, let's catch up at Union Jack's.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 22nd is our next major trail cleanup with Peter D'Amico and his rugby team. Food and drink afterwards.

SPREAD THE WORD: Send your friends, family and neighbors to Ivy Ridge Green to get street trees and to get involved in some other great local projects.

GET INVOLVED: We are always looking for help writing grants, organizing cleanups, and getting the word out. Lend a hand - let's get this thing built!