Thursday, July 02, 2009

BCGP's Sarah Clark Stuart Appointed to the Parks and Rec Commission

Sarah Clark Stuart was among the 200+ applicants, from that list 25 finalists were selected by City Council for consideration with the Mayor appointing the 9 Commissioners. 6 Ex-Officio City department administrators members round out the 15 member Commission.

Photo Rob Stuart


Nancy Goldenberg (Chair)
Debra Wolf Goldstein
Jeffrey Hackett
Alexander "Pete" Hoskins
Anthony Langford
Leslie Anne Miller
Carol Rice
Carlos Rodriguez
Sarah Clark Stuart

Ex-officio members

Bernie Brunwasser – Water Commissioner
Barbara Capozzi, Esq. – Designee of Council President Anna C. Verna
Michael DiBerardinis – Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Alan Greenberger – Executive Director, Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Joan Schlotterbeck – Public Property Commissioner
Clarena Tolson – Streets Commissioner

The Mayor's Press Release is here on Philly Clout.

Congratulations Sarah!