Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stop the Violence! Show Your Solidarity on the SRT

Come out on Wednesday June 10th from 7:00 to 7:30 PM for a bike/skate/sit-in as a showing of solidarity against violence at the location of last Wednesday's assault on the Schuylkill River Trail above the basketball courts between Haws Avenue and the double bridge over US 202 in Norristown.


Anonymous said...

How is it that a man is shot across the street from a fire station and the 35th district police station and the cops still took their time coming. The man that was killed wan not a drug dealer,rapist,murder...But a true man of God. Today is his birthday July 22, 2009 he would have been 26 years old and the killer still walks the streets of Philadelphia. My fiance Glenn Salomon Ballard was shot in the head because he bump into a female by accident in a bar on his way out to get me and my mother some food from the store next door. He was out with me and my mother celebrating her birthday which was August 6th. There was a chance that he could have been saved had an ambulance came to his rescue. But according to the Philadelphia Police Department if you are not moving you are considered dead. Then they wonder why the community has no respect for them and much rather see them dead then alive. The detective wont even bother to follow up on his case. There was a camera at the bank across the street pointing directly to the bar, and still no leads. Right now this case is sitting in a box collecting dirt. And the killer lives on, while my heart still aches for justice. As the saying goes "One less Nigga to worry about" God have mercy on these young men. They are killing someone brother,son,lover and each other...PHILLY NEEDS TO WAKE UP!!! August 7th 2008 At My Place Tavern in the Fernrock section of North Philadelphia I watched my fiance bleed to death and so did the cops...He was still no one called for help!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this....In memory of my Beloved!! You may have changed my words a little but....this is what happened. And I hope to God that the young men and women of Philadelphia wakes up and live....just live....Michelle