Friday, June 05, 2009

Delaware Waterfront Path Makes A Quiet Debut

PlanPhilly gave us an update of the Waterfront Trail south of Penns Landing to Pier 70 today. Line striping on the existing sidewalk has been completed from the I-95 Interchange near the Chart House down to Christian Street. The second phase will continue this process down to Reed Street. The third and most interesting phase of the project from Reed down to Pier 70 is off the Columbus Blvd Right of Way and is presumably mired in land ownership and easement issues.

Wider Segment

This interim trail is exactly that and it doesn't even come close to modern multi-use path standards. In a few places it is somewhat difficult to navigate with hazards such as belgian block driveways, narrow pinch points and RR tracks. A recreational bicyclist with children in a trailer would probably not have a steller time here. Still it is physically separated from the high speed and unyielding traffic on Columbus Blvd and I appreciated the break during rush hour. To the credit of the planners the adjacent bike lanes are not affected. So you still can get to Ikea in a hurry.

Rail Crossing

The thought of schlepping over the Ben Franklin Bridge in the rain to get home was unappealling but then I saw a queue for concert express ferry service to the Susquehanna Bank Center (Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction) The express (6 minute) ferry service every 15 to 30 minutes is a rare treat that actually makes the ferry a real travel option to Camden. I can use the return ticket of the round trip anytime.

Camden Ferry Dock