Monday, June 15, 2009

Pennypack Trail Opening Ceremony

Pennypack Trail
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Montgomery County Press Release:

ABINGTON — The Montgomery County Commissioners are pleased to announce the opening of a 2.4-mile segment of the Pennypack Trail, most of which runs through Lorimer Park. The public is invited to attend the dedication ceremony at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 on the trail directly across Moredon Road from the parking lot for Lorimer Park.

Most of this segment of the trail lies within Lorimer Park and was converted from the abandoned Fox Chase-Newton Branch rail line.

It will eventually run 5.5 miles from Rockledge Borough to Huntingdon Pike in Abington and use a combination of trail and sidewalk connections through Lower Moreland, Upper Moreland and Bryn Athyn to connect to the Cross-County Trail.

The trail surface is crushed stone and appropriate for use by bicyclists, walkers/joggers and equestrians.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome reuse of an abandoned rail line. Nice, clean, wide trail. Been waiting for such a trail on the old R-8 line since it was abandoned years ago. Great bike trail for the little kids. Nice going Montgomery County Commissioners!! said...

While the trail is very nice, its very poor planning for improving our transporation infrastructure in the areas north of this trail. We sorely need to have trains restored on this line.

Visit to see how you can help bring trains back on this valuable corridor

Bikebub said...

If the trains can ever be proven justifiable (highly unlikely with the existing train lines in Bucks and the cost to benefit ratio of investing in this line) the trains can share the corridor with the path - the best of both worlds. Until that time we have the start of a safe cycling/walking path connecting Bucks and Montgomery Counties in some of the most beautiful areas of each.

Congratulations and thank you to anyone involved in bringing this finally into fruition. I can't wait until Bucks County wakes up and invests in alternative transportation along the lines of Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic trail, was on it last sunday. It's wide and scenic , great Job montgomery county!

Anonymous said...

The article is incorrect in that the line is not abandonded. I can't wait till we have $10/gallon gas and see all of you bikers whine about high gas prices and how the government should do something about it. There is a growing coalition to bring the trains back. Check out


Anonymous said...

The trail is great! It relieves traffic congestion on Huntingdon Pike and Second Street Pike, and gets all those bikes out of our way so we can drive faster! Excellent regional planning!

Only in America....

Waiting said...

I can't wait until this connects to Upper Moreland. I've been waiting for the Cross County Trail and Penny Pack Trail to reach me. If this is a start, that's great!