Monday, June 15, 2009

Parkway Council Foundation Conducting Parkway Study

The Parkway Council Foundation is conducting a "study to develop a long-term strategy to bring more cultural institutions and activity to the Ben Franklin Parkway. One aspect of the this study is to get the opinions of residents and users of the Parkway."

They are holding a public meeting at Friends Select School on Tuesday, June16th from 6-8pm. Doors open at 5:30pm.

It will be interesting to learn how this study will dovetail with Fairmount Park's plans to redo the two blocks (streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks) of 2000-2200 BFP and Logan Square Neighborhood Association's Logan Square Neighborhood Parkway Plan.


Colleen P. said...

I actually work at the school--and have been riding my bike to work from my home in Queen Village. I'll put aside the fact that the bike lanes on 22nd St. are constantly clogged with parked cars and delivery trucks. BUt riding the Parkway itself is an adventure-I confess to riding up on the sidewalk in front of Academy of Natural Sciences, because it is too hair raising to ride in the street.