Friday, April 03, 2009

Thank You Senator Specter For Sponsoring CLEAN-TEA and Complete Streets

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) has demonstrated terrific leadership to promote bicycling by co-sponsoring S. 584, The Complete Streets Act of 2009 and by supporting green transportation projects by co-sponsoring S. 575, the Clean Low-Emission Affordable New Transportation Efficiency Act (CLEAN-TEA).

Complete Streets legislation complements state and local efforts currently underway in Pennsylvania and around the country and is vital to making our streets accessible and welcoming to all of our citizens regardless of age, ability, or chosen mode of transportation. Clean Tea will do far more than just reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will create jobs, save money in the long term, provide affordable transportation options for all Americans, and help keep our cities and towns livable.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia applauds Senator Specter for co-sponsoring these two critical pieces of legislation. Pennsylvania will benefit from these two bills through congestion reduction, safer streets for everyone, more energy efficient transportation infrastructure and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Thank you Senator Specter for being a leader on promoting bicycling as a safer, cleaner and more healthy mode of transportation that can help resolve some of our country's most pressing economic, environmental and health care problems.

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