Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Britain NIMFY's: Don't Walk Here

Complete Streets sound like a great idea until the NIMFY's (Not in my front yard) hear about such diabolical plans as per this article in the Intelligencer.

"As New Britain Township developed over the years, there came a point when residents became more conscious of the need to get out and exercise, and they began pressing officials for more sidewalks, said supervisor Bob Cotton. The township decided to require and accept sidewalks at every opportunity. "

A New Britain, Bucks County couple is opposed to a sidewalk that would be built along Upper State Road in front of their yard.

In the couple's defense taking away 35 feet of right of way for a 11' swath of sidewalk and a green buffer seems like a bit of a land grab that hints at a possible future road widening. And as a further slap in the face the owners would be responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. When will the maintenance bias against sidewalks end?

But the trolls in the comments section reveal that perhaps there is something else going on here:

"It's only a matter of years before Chalfont and Doylestown become a mini-Philly like lower Bucks is now. Not something to look forward to."

"Once here, they start bemoaning that there are no sidewalks or street lights and the townships give in to them. I do not understand it. They have turned nice area's into mini-Philadelphia's. Why did they move to begin with? Along with them, we now have to have sidewalks, crosswalks, street lights, traffic signals, wider roads and what have they brought with them? Nothing except a huge increase in crime and traffic."

Ah, nothing like the good feeling that suburban sprawl brings to communities.


Andrew J. Besold said...

Oh but Jon you missed the best quote in the story. The property owner who land is to be "taken" said, "he didn't realize part of the front yard was considered a township easement when buying the home 10 years ago."

So this guy makes the most expensive purchase in in his life and didn't know where his own property ends and the towns begins? I'm sorry but there is only one fool in this story.

For all other homeowners out there, most roadway right-of-ways extend 30feet past the curb and into "your" yard. There are exceptions but this is more often than not, the rule.