Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RiverLINE Courtesy Signs Pop Up On Rail Cars

NJ TRANSIT's RiverLINE with it's significant bikes on transit ridership (5% of the riders) has from time to time experienced tension between passengers with and without bicycles.

While some passengers plop themselves into the folding bike rack seats, some bicyclists simply don't bother with the hanging bicycle racks and subsequently create an obstacle course in the center vestibule.

So NJ TRANSIT has posted new signs telling passengers to "Exercise Courtesy...don't block the aisle with your bicycle"

From Riverline Photo Gallery

I hope this encourages enough bicyclists to use the racks, but I wouldn't be surprised if NJ TRANSIT police starts enforcing rack usage (and conversely asking rail passengers to yield the rack areas to bikes).


Anonymous said...

I frequently use the RL to extend my recreational range, I'll ride out and then back on RL. I have had a few situations where the bike racks were inaccessible. As a note, I have found that cocking the front wheel to one side keeps the bike from swinging and banging the partition or annoying passengers.

Anonymous said...

I just tell the person sitting there that I have to put my bike there, and they always get up. Better have, bitches;)