Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sign the Petition for a Scudder Falls Bridge Pathway

Please sign the petition for the inclusion of a non-motorized pathway on the new I-95 Scudder Falls Bridge.

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC) remains uncommitted to the inclusion of the path, citing that the extra cost which will add about 7% to the projected total cost of the project. The pathway has emerged as the top request from the public involvement process.

The petition is the launching of the final push to ensure that the DRJTBC designs a 21st Century Bridge that is accessible to all users of the transportation system, not just diminishing motor vehicle traffic.

The Commission is building the bridge on the basis of an anticipated 28% increase in traffic by 2030. As we have been reporting the $4 gas threshold is driving VMT (vehicle miles traveled) down, already to 2004 levels. Can we really depend on our traffic models at all?

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Anonymous said...

So even if they don't build the bike lane (which is totally inexcusable nowadays) this is what will happen.

They widen the highway minus the bike/ped path but their traffic projections will be no where near close since they are using old trend data that doesn't take into account the recent trend of Americans fleeing their cars. They will have a bunch of underutilized lanes that will then be available to convert to bike/ped path. Only problem is that when this happens it will cost MUCH more to do the retrofit!