Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Second Moorestown Bicycle Crash Results in Hospital Airlift

Details are sketchy from NBC 10 but at around 6PM last night a cyclist was struck on East Camden Ave (The popular RT 537) in Moorestown. The victim was airlifted to an unknown hospital (Cooper?) with severe head trauma. UPDATE - The 17 YO Moorestown High School Student died of his injuries at 2:30 PM on Tuesday.

The crash comes less than a month after Comcast General Counsel Stanley Wang was killed on Route 537 in Moorestown.

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Marker on left indicates where Monday's fatal crash occurred, the marker on the right shows where Stanley Wang was fatally struck.


John Boyle said...

The Bicyclist a Moorestown High Graduate Died of his injuries yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Inquirer article today claims the cyclist swerved in front of the Lexus driver.