Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Road Violence in New Jersey

Fatality in Pennsauken, a bicyclist was killed trying to cross Route 130. Update: 6 ABC identified the victim as 47 YO Chris Bender of Cherry Hill.

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75 YO female bicyclist run over by a NJ TRANSIT bus, ironically this crash happened on 9th St in broad daylight just 1 block from the press conference less than two weeks ago.

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Anonymous said...

You'll probably see more carnage like this on 9th St Ocean City once the new causeway is completed.

4 lane roads are so inefficient. This may have been prevented if the road was put on a diet down to 3 lanes in this area which could allow for the inclusion of a well designed bike lane (not that anyone can seem to build one of those in New Jersey for some reason).