Monday, July 28, 2008

Conservative Journalists And Bikes Parts 2 and 3

OK less than a week after I commented on the David Brooks negative bicycle comment, Washington Post columnist Robert Novak hits a pedestrian, takes off and get's chased down by a bicyclist. For this Novak got a slap on the wrist, a $50 fine for failing to yield the right of way.

But finally we got some equal time with conservative columnist/talk show host Michael Smerconish fighting for bicyclists rights. He rode in the Tour De Shore Irish Pub Ride on Saturday benefitting various Philadelphia Police charities.

You may remember that DRPA forced Tour De Shore riders onto the bridge walkway and closed it to other bike ped traffic for three hours. According to the Daily News Smerconish apparently argued with DRPA officials s that the 8oo plus riders should be "allowed to ride on the bridge where cars travel and not 'funneled into a bike path'. The DRPA disagreed and before things got worse, a Camden police officer intervened and drove Smerconish over the bridge with his bike in the trunk."


Anonymous said...

Why didn't they just get a rolling enclosure? I mean, You'd think that cops would be able to hook something like that up.