Monday, April 21, 2008

Keep in Mind on Earth Day

According to the U.S. Census 2006 American Community Survey,

For every 1 (one) Philadelphian who bikes to work
7 walk,
9 use a car pool,
23 take public transit, and
44 drive alone.

By comparison, according to a graphic in the Sunday's New York Times story titled "The Big Thirst", which used Census Bureau data

for every 1 (one) American who bikes to work
5 walk,
9 take public transit,
21 ride in car pools, and
154 drive alone

So, we do better than the national average. Nevertheless, only 1.2% of Philadelphians who commute do so on a bike. That rate would double if 6400 Philadelphians were convinced to ride their bikes to work instead of driving alone. If Philadelphia could double the number of bike commuters, it would make real gains in reducing its carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution and congestion and would improve those commuters' health benefits