Friday, April 11, 2008

Inspiring Nationals

In contrast to Philadelphia's relatively new Citizens Bank Park, which has 2 ribbon racks with enough space for maybe, maybe, 25 bikes, the brand new ballpark built for the Washington Nationals has bike parking spaces for 250 bikes and free valet bike parking. The effort to get people to ballpark using bikes, transit and shuttles resulted in the parking lots having many spots unfilled! As Greater Greater Washington said, even with little parking, the world did not end.

Check out the Nationals webpage on bike parking. It's inspirational! The Phils could surely do the same to promote greener ways to get to the Citizens Bank Park. Come on Phillies!

photo by shepdave


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

You should email me. Versus TV is relocating to Philadelphia and they are bringing a ton of jobs with them. Cool-work-at-a-major-tv-network jobs.

I would like your help getting the word out. Thanks.