Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fill Out DRPA's West Side Survey - And Ask About Bikes

Remember yesterday's posting of the bike traffic jam on the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland? Well this is Philadelphia and the Delaware River Port Authority's traffic study on the west end of the Ben Franklin Bridge provides a nice East Coast response to traffic congestion.

The purpose of the Ben Franklin Bridge West Side Traffic Mitigation Study is to improve the efficiency of travel into Philadelphia and improve access to downtown destinations via the Ben Franklin Bridge.

DRPA still believes that we can build our way out of congestion. If you look at the preferred alternatives most of them do not bode well for the urban environment. Flyover ramps? What is this the 1939 Worlds Fair?

The Port Authority needs to be know the only way to keep us out of the PHOG in the dense urban core is to reduce traffic. Fill out DRPA's Online Project Survey and ask them why improving bicycle and pedestrian access is not part of the solution.


Health Risks
Oil Dependence
Global Warming

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Anonymous said...

Links to the survey are not working

Anonymous said...

Here's the link:

John Boyle said...

Thanks, I have fixed the links.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if entrance to the west side of the bridge was laid out better with some signage to tell people where the hell it is. Its pathetic that the only way to the bridge is through a private parking lot. The Belgian block walk is no fun with full paniers nor with narrow road tires. I also seem to remember when I rode over the bridge this past weekend that the walkway at Race St and 5th leading up to the bridge was much narrower than the pictures show on Google Streetsview.

Anonymous said...

The DRPA EZPass commuter plan gives drivers $18 off after 18 bridge crossings in a month. If a Patco round trip could count against the EZPass discount total, I'd incorporate PATCO into my crossing much more often.