Friday, February 08, 2008

BCGP President Joins the LAB Board

Congratulations to Hans van Naerssen BCGP President who was elected to the League of American Bicyclists Board of Directors. Thanks to everyone who supported Hans in his election.

But the big winners this year are members of LAB Reform. As the name suggests LAB Reform's members are critics of the current structure of governance. LAB Reform members also adhere strictly to the teachings of John Forester. Three LAB Reform members: John Allen, PPAC Vice President Bill Hoffman and Bruce Rosar will now serve on the Board of Directors.

Hans is not a member of LAB Reform but his reputation of demanding accountability and transparency earned him an endorsement.

Some of LAB Reforms positions clash idealogically with the big city bicycle advocacy groups that have helped steer LAB's agenda in recent years. Lab Reform's solid minority block should make the upcoming board meetings most interesting.