Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And The Winning Alignment Is...... Yellow!

Schuylkill River Park Connector Bridge Alignment Determined

The Design Concept Team (DCT) carefully reviewed the comments and ideas from park users, stakeholders and neighbors gathered from last fall's meeting and surveys on the three possible bridge alignments. It also studied several other potential alternatives that involved structures outside of Schuylkill River Park. Upon this review, the DCT concluded that the "yellow" or "west border" alignment was the most feasible and best met the needs of the project and the community's concerns. See the diagram and more read about it.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to see that this was the final choice. As a long distance bike commuter, I suspect that this crossing will be ignored by many bicyclists that use the path daily. They will opt for crossing the train tracks, rather then having to dismount and navigate a difficult bridge that does not meet their needs.

If Philadelphia really wants to be a bike friendly city, then the yellow path is a poor decision.

barryg said...

@bike commuter:
I am not that familiar with the specifics of the crossing.
Why does it require dismount?
What needs does it not meet?