Friday, January 25, 2008

National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission - One Trillion Dollars For More Asphalt

Andy Clarke at the League of American Bicyclists summed up this much anticipated and flawed report on the League of American Bicyclists Blog. The conclusion? $225 billion should be spent EVERY Year for the next 50 years on transportation and infrastructure in this country. Talk about wasteful spending, not to mention low vision. As Clarke reports the word bicycle is only mentioned once.

We have seen this before, independent commissions working feverishly on addressing the transportation problem. The final product is always the same, make the pie higher. The inexpensive, quiet and healthy modes are ignored. Is this really benign neglect?

The report is online at


Anonymous said...

before we start complaining about what can be done for bicyclists, don't forget that if trucks don't have viable roads to travel on, your bicycles will not make it to market for people to purchase and it won't matter at that point.